GLYTUNES Consortium

A multidisciplinary training network for the bioinspired development of glycomimetics tuning the Siglec-Sialoglycan axis.

This comprehensive expertise and complementarity of skills are required for the different scientific tasks in the development pipeline, and the R&D programs in both diagnostic and therapeutic. As a result, the recruited ESRs will be exposed to a challenging research environment leading to a broad range of scientific competences to be acquired. The multidisciplinarity of GLYTUNES will ensure that the ESRs acquire the background and experience necessary to achieve the goals set up in the programme and to pursue research careers in academia, clinical research or industry. Concomitantly, ESRs will acquire transferable skills which will lead them to become the new leaders of academic or industrial research in the glycoscience area.


The GLYTUNES project benefits from a productive and collaborative environment between a multidisciplinary, international academia-industry partnerships